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Say goodbye to time-consuming and complex entry and exit processes at airports, stations and ports with Match Fit Pass.
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It’s imperative that the global travel networks are able to resume as soon as possible. But it’s equally crucial that this is done with safety in mind.

Match Fit Pass provides this peace of mind and more, by generating ‘Fit to Fly’ certificates after a negative test has been confirmed or a vaccination has been administered. This information can then be accessed and shared at the relevant point of arrival/departure.

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And it doesn’t end there. Match Fit Pass can also:

  • Verify each individual, confirmed against their official ID.
  • Act as safeguarding tool, aiding in counter-terrorism efforts via a secure verification process.
  • Ensure any errors in confirming the identities of individuals are flagged and passed to the relevant authorities.
  • Generate ‘Fit to Fly’ certificates for individuals who have tested negative for Covid-19, valid between a certain date range.
  • Ensure information is biometrically secured to each user, encrypted behind Denso Wave’s Secure QR Code technology.

Not only will the entry and exit processes be faster and safer, but the verification process means that there is an added layer of security in knowing that every individual travelling is verified, accounted for, and in good health.

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