Attend events safely with our simple 3-step process

Using bespoke AI software, the Match Fit Pass app verifies your identity from your ID, generating a secure QR code (SQRC) that permits venue entry and records your attendance.
Image of Mobile App screen

Step 1

ID Verification

You submit a selfie and a photograph of your passport or driving license, which are then verified, generating a SQRC.

Image of Mobile App screen

Step 2

Ticket Purchase

Enter your Match Fit Pass number when you purchase an event ticket. The ticket will be added to your Match Fit Pass wallet.

Only you can use your ticket, as your unique MFP code is assigned to you.

Image of Mobile App screen

Step 3

Entry Access

Use your SQRC to sign into the ticketed event using our system.

On arrival at the event, the facial recognition turnstile will scan your face, matching this with your SQRC to give you access to the event.

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