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Match Fit Pass gets you back in the game (or gig!) with our digital ticketing and public health app.
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We're all excited to get back in to stadiums and show our support again, but not at the expense of the health and safety ourselves and those around us.

Once the show hits the road again, our secure Covid-19 track and trace solution, coupled with digital proof of inoculation, will help ensure the health of everyone in attendance.

But that's not all. Match Fit Pass also offers:

  • Completely paperless ticketing and entry with your Match Fit Pass digital wallet.
  • Staggered entry times can offer an optimised venue entry process for the game or gig
  • Exclusive content, promotions and competitions delivered straight to the app before, during and after the event
  • No more straining to hear tannoys over the noise, with real-time, in-app safety notifications from Event Management
  • Automatic age-verification for the purchase of alcohol anywhere in the venue
  • No more ticket touts, scalping or reselling ensures more genuine fans get to share the experience
  • Proactive counter-terrorism features offers safety in numbers, with accountability for everyone attending the event

Streamlined onboarding, digital ticketing, enhanced public safety and exclusive special offers, offered for stadiums, convention centres, sports areas, festivals, music halls, theatres, cinemas and more, all from the Match Fit Pass app.

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