Pricing List

Band A

Venue up to 250 individuals

Plus £1.00/ticket generated

Band B

Venue up to 2,000 individuals

Plus £1.00/ticket generated

Band C

Venue up to 10,000 individuals

Plus £0.80/ticket generated

Band D

Venue up to 25,000 individuals

Plus £0.70/ticket generated

Band E

Venue up to 50,000 individuals

Plus £0.60/ticket generated
Illustration of Scanning Device

Handheld BHT-1800 Device


The operator/steward would scan the SQR code and take a photo of the individual. The system will match the encrypted image and verify the ticket instantly.

Illustration of Scanning Device

Wall-mounted Turnstile Reader


The reader has a scanner, camera, and instruction screen. This can be used without the attendant and fitted to a turnstile. The individual scans their SQR code, the camera takes a photo, and the system will match the encrypted image to instantly verify the ticket.

Illustration of Scanning Device

Combined Handheld and Wall-mounted


Both of the mentioned methods, handheld BHT-1800 device and wall-mounted turnstile, can be used in unison should the event require it.

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