How the Match Fit Pass System Works

In a simple and efficient four step process, Match Fit Pass allows an event organiser to efficiently track and control who is attending an event.
Picture of desktop app displaying Onboarding screen

Seamless Onboarding

In a simple and efficient four step process, Match Fit Pass allows an event organiser to efficiently track and control who is attending an event.

When your key contact information has been imported successfully, an invite will be sent to you to access your dashboard.

As the key point of contact, you will now be able to create multiple user accounts for selected members of staff, allocating the appropriate level of permissions to each person.

Secure Information Transfer

All venues are provided with the MFP Ticket API, which provides secure transfer of tickets and information from existing systems (such as your own venue’s website or booking system).

Whenever a user buys a ticket from your website, the customer will be asked for the MFP ID of each individual that will be attending the event.

Note: Users under the age of 13 will be exempt. Each MFP user can have up to two children under 13 attached to their account.

Illustration showcasing in-app data
Illustration showcasing in-app data

Once a user checks out with their tickets, a verification process will take place to ensure the MFP ID is valid. If not, they will return an error code. If accepted, the tickets (and any child passes) are sent through to each MFP user account and they can access from their device.

This will include information such as:

  • Event Name
  • Event ID
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Venue Address
  • Gate Number
  • Block Number
  • Seat Number

The venue can also add additional information regarding disability access or parking information if relevant.

The Entry Process

Picture of wall-mounted secure scanner

MFP acts as a secure, encrypted track and trace solution as all tickets are required to be scanned and verified on entry, using the MFP scanners provided to each venue.

The scanners are equipped with visual cues for attendees, indicating a successful or failed individual verification.

With the use of the scanners, the venues can monitor and address common entry issues such as adults attempting to enter on children’s tickets, or using their friend’s tickets to enter.

In-Event Messaging

Venues are able to send out parking, health & safety and promotional notifications before, during and after each event. These will be delivered directly to each attendee via their MFP app.

This can be targeted to specific sections or blocks should you require more targeted messaging.

Picture of desktop app displaying Onboarding screen

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