Vaccine Supply Chain

Denso Wave’s Secure QR Codes (SQRC) utilise publicly accessible and privately accessible data throughout the vaccine production, supply chain and administration, when used with the Match Fit Pass software solution.

Vaccine Production

AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, etc.


Secure QR Code Assembly

SQRC label created and applied to the vials when filled in production.

Included in Public Area: Lot Number, Serial Number, Date of Manufacture, Expiry Date.

Included in Private Area: End User, Government, Country, Order Number.


Vial Tracing

Trace vial SQRCs using Q-Revo™ platform.


Temperature Monitoring

Use of Omni-ID’s RFID tag for temperature monitoring of the vaccine during transit. Can also include same information as SQRC into EPC Block (public data – Lot Number) and User Block (private data).


NOTE: SQRC public area would still be readable by any smart phone, so information contained should be useful to all parts of the supply chain. It would also therefore be easier / cheaper than trying to RFID-enable the whole supply chain to vial read tags.

Graphic of vaccination and QR Code

Supply Chain Operations

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As the vaccine needs to be kept at a specific temperature during transit and storage, there is the possibility of the vaccine being misappropriated during transit.

Therefore, the ability to trace and possibly nullify rogue/non-genuine vaccine needs to be considered.

The use of SQRC and its specific encrypted private data (using a chosen encryption key) is a good way of identifying at a batch/lot/case level.

Controlled Sensitive Data

Using the Private area of the SQRC to store specific information (Order Number, Customer Name/Location) ensures that sensitive information is limited to only those who need to read it. It also specifically allocates that batch to a customer, as the demand for the vaccine will need to be tightly controlled.


Preservation and Usage Record

The use of Omni-ID’s temperature sensing RFID tag may be an option to ensure that the vaccine has been stored correctly and retain efficacy. At points of vaccination (e.g. GP surgeries, pharmacies, vaccination stations) usage within appropriate time windows can be tracked.


Access to Vital Information

Public information (Lot Number, Expiry Date) can be read by anyone and will show if the vaccine is still valid to use. This can be checked quickly by anyone with a smartphone.