Immunisation Process

Denso Wave’s Secure QR Codes (SQRC) utilise publicly accessible and privately accessible data throughout the vaccine production, supply chain and administration, when used with the Match Fit Pass software solution.

Setting Up


Unit Registration

Each Immunisation Unit must register with Match Fit Pass. Once approved, the Unit will be given access to the software and a BHT-1800 device will be distributed.


Staff Identity Verification

Each staff member must hold a Match Fit Pass account (these will be issued free of charge) to verify their identity prior to administering a vaccine.

Daily Procedure


Unit Registration

Each Unit will be issued a unique daily Secure QR Code, the code will contain:

  • The location of the unit
  • The date
  • The lot or batch number of the vaccine
  • The identity code of the health care professionals administering the jab

Work Shift Permit

At the start of each shift, the Unit’s staff member will identify themselves using the facial recognition within the app.

Illustration of handheld scanner and immunisation

Vaccinating a Person


The healthcare professional will use a BHT-1800 handheld scanner device to scan the individual’s Match Fit Pass SQRC and record their MFP number.


Once inoculated, the user opens their Match Fit Pass on their mobile device, selects the vaccination tab, and uses the device’s camera to scan the code.

The Match Fit Pass will decrypt the Secure QR Code and verify the location of the unit. Once verified, the pass will turn from purple to green.


The pass will hold vaccination details and send reminders if re-vaccination is required.

If the user has a ticket in their Match Fit Pass wallet prior to inoculation, the app will send reminder notifications prior to the event.


Staff can also use geolocation to check against the previously registered location of the immunisation point. This ensures no rogue immunisation stations are used.