Event Hosting Features

Match Fit Pass integrates advanced cloud-based technology with biometric identifiers to provide the host with a fast, accurate and reliable way of controlling and recording event and venue management.

Guaranteed track and trace details

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Identity Verification

Proactive counter-terrorism considerations ensure venues can guarantee the identity and traceability of everyone who attends their event.


Track and Trace

Guaranteed track and trace details are held for 28 days within the system and the individual’s credentials are pre-verified before arrival. The event/venue can see when and where the individual arrived.


Secured Data Policy

The personal data of every individual is held within our system, securely encrypted in transit and at rest.

The Host cannot access the personal information of any individual in line with Data Protection regulations. Attendees are identified and notified only by their seat number and Match Fit Pass ID.

Save time and resources with secured digital tickets

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Paperless Tickets

Fully digital tickets are stored on the mobile device – no paper tickets or membership cards.


Entry Permit

Only the Match Fit Pass owner can use the ticket. Match Fit Pass encrypts the user’s verified photograph into the Secure QR Code on their device and the two must match to permit entry.


No Reselling

Reselling of tickets is no longer possible, necessitating return to the issuer or venue for reallocation.

Operating events with ease and efficiency

Graphic of Match Fit Pass host application

Staggered Entry Timings

Avoid congestion and maximise crowd control by pre-allocating and managing entrance and exit windows.


Age Validation

Identity documents are no longer needed to check for purchasing of alcohol. Match Fit Pass can validate any age visually or via a quick scan.


In-app Notifications

The club or event can deliver in-app messaging, public health messaging, or localised in-venue safety announcements.

Ensure up-to-date health measurement of your attendees

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Immunisation Tracking

Now there is a proven and publicly available antibody vaccination, the health authority administering this can scan their MFP Secure QR Code. This will provide visual validation that the passholder is inoculated.

Discover: Match Fit Pass Immunisation Process

Features Comparison

We are combining and extending key functionalities that surpass current market offerings.

FeaturesNHS Test
& Trace
Health PassportsMatch Fit Pass App
Verified IdentityCrossCheckCheck
Secure & Encrypted Track and TraceCrossCrossCheck
Digital Event TicketingCrossCrossCheck
In App Public Health MessagingCheckCheckCheck
Authorised User Use OnlyCrossCrossCheck
Secure QR Codes With Facial RecognitionCrossCrossCheck
Prevent Prohibited Persons AttendingCrossCrossCheck
Fan MovementCrossCrossCheck
Staggered Ticket Arrival TimesCrossCrossCheck
Securely Display Vaccine RecordCrossCrossCheck
Fan Behaviour / MonitoringCrossCrossCheck
100% Contactless No Physical TicketsCrossCrossCheck
Guaranteed Instant Age Verification for Alcohol PurchaseCrossCrossCheck

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Leveraging enterprise-grade encryption in transit and at rest.


Designed for resilience, leveraging modern techologies and infrastucture.


Multiple failover solutions and multi-location data redundancy.