Denso Wave's Facial Authentication & Secure QR Code (SQRC)

Denso Wave’s Secure QR Codes (SQRC) utilise publicly accessible and privately accessible data throughout the vaccine production, supply chain and administration, when used with the Match Fit Pass software solution.
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What is an SQRC?

SQRC stands for Secure Quick Recognition Code.

What is the difference between SQRC and QR Code?

QR Code

The QR Code is space-saving and has a large capacity. However, since any device can read the same information, including private and classified information, it is not secure. All information is exposed on any device.

Secure QR Code

It is possible to make the information private by hiding it with a cryptographic key and to restrict the types of devices that can read the information, so that only certain persons can read it.

  • No additional encryption or decryption function is required.
  • Only the specified people having the specified devices can read the information in the private area.
  • No special data encryption or decryption software.
  • The existence of the private information is hidden.

How does the facial recognition work with SQRC?

Information from facial feature points is QR-coded to achieve safe and secure authentication.

Face Authentication SQRC is an application that converts information on facial feature points into the compact SQRC data format, achieving ID authentication with no need for a server or other equipment.

Advantages of Face Authentication SQRC

  • No server needed because authentication is performed offline.
  • Low risk of personal information leakage because no registration or management of face data in a server is required.
  • Speedy authentication.
  • Stable operation even when a network failure occurs.
  • Concealed authentication information.